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Proud to be USC Alum

I am proud to be a USC alum.  Coming to USC from Memphis, Tennessee changed my life and brought me to Southern California.  It was a great experience even as a transfer student 30 years ago.  I didn’t know a soul when I got USC but I quickly made friends and learned to navigate the campus.  It seems like yesterday when I was playing Pac-Man in then Residence West’s lobby (Now Fluor Tower).  

So I am proud to be featured on the USC Lambda Alumni Website this month. Thanks to my friend and USC Lambda leader Vince Wong.   Check out the link.

USC has changed a lot in 30 years. It is a better school overall. I am always impressed with the young people I meet who have graduated since me.  But the traditions of Cardinal and Gold still run deep.  So I am honored to be profiled this month on the Lambda alumni website.

Thanks so much for this honor.