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Radioactive Japan

My heart aches for Japan.  The pictures and daily news is overwhelming.  The debris fields left from the tsunami are overpowering.  The constant replaying of the black waves of water re-traumatizing. And of course the nuclear nightmare is one that we can’t wake up from.  How painful this destruction especially in coming to a country scarred by Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

They say the first clouds of radiation will come to the West Coast by Friday. The government says it will not be a high dose at all.  The winds disperse the intensity.  Nevertheless the story that is unfolding in the four reactors at the Fukushima plant is a scenario worse than any play or movie. It makes Three Mile Island looks like child’s play and this is even greater than Chernobyl.  This is the explosion that was the result of the hydrogen build-up.  There seems like there have been very few answers and honesty in the “official” explanations. Especially how our government has a completely different take than the Japanese government.  Like last summer’s BP Oil spill in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico where oil still lurks on the bottom of the sea, this too will have permanent destructive powers.  Only unlike the oil which is black and tarry, you can’t see radiation.  It lurks but it seems hidden–only to wreak havoc with life.

I remember protesting the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant here in California in 1980 and 1981! Nuclear Power has always scared me for exactly the reason we are seeing now in Japan.

It is times like this that I need to pray.  Even if only to give voice to my fears and my concerns.  It might not fix the problems.  I am no nuclear physicist or engineer.  Nuclear power making be it fission of fusion is complex.

But I am simple.  Oh God hear my prayer for the people of Japan. For the brave engineers who are still working in the plants to stop the reactions and who are being radiated with super doses of radiation as they work to stop the leaks and meltdown.  I pray for our world that is slowly but surely in its greed destroying Your earth.  Help us awaken from our ways and learn to respect our earth.

And let us be Your messengers of a compassion. Selah.


If you readers want to donate to help Japan here is a link