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Register to vote then do it

It is approaching fast.  That is the deadline to register to vote in the November election. Here is California we are voting not only for Governor, Lt. Governor and one of the Senate seats but we are voting for Attorney General.  This is a very important position. It is this position that brings lawsuits on behalf of the state.   One candidate for the position of attorney general has already said that he will try to file to uphold Proposition 8. Even though the case will be heard before he would be sworn into office if he wins.

The Prop 8 federal case before the Ninth Circuit will be heard the beginning of December.  The statewide offices are not sworn in until after the first of January.  But the court will have already heard the case!  Nevertheless he could try to file as attorney general elect. He could try to file after he is sworn in if he wins.

For all you who are too lazy to vote or to even register or are too jaded.  It matters.  The situation above explains why it matters.  So remember the deadline in California to vote in the November 2 election is October 18.  Your registration must be postmarked by then.   Here is a link to the form for registration.

Please if you have moved or haven’t voted REGISTER.  IT DOES MATTER.  If you care about the outcome of the Prop 8 federal case.  Register to vote then make sure you do it. November 2.  You can also register to vote by mail with the LA County Recorder Registrar here is the link to the information.

And in some places there is early voting.  You can find out more about that at the LA County Registrar-Recorders site.

But voting matters.  It is our right and responsibility.  Don’t make it harder to bring about equality because you were lazy.