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On this tenth anniversary of 9/11 and the terror attacks on our country I remember and honor the lives of all those who perished that day. The almost three thousand people at the World trade Center towers, the Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. I remember the firefighters who courageously rushed into the twin towers who lost there lives doing their jobs. And the men and women who have served our country since then in our armed services and police forces who have lost their lives or were wounded in the pursuit of terrorists I honor the sacrifices of those wounded and the sacrifices of their families.

Our country was changed that day. We were changed that day.

But The challenge of that moment is never to succumb to the terror. We must and have continued to rebuild our nation and to reach out to our neighbors. In the days and weeks following there was an especial connection between all who dwelt here. We came together to help one another. Where is that spirit of fellowship now? We would do our best honor to those who died by making that esprit d’corp our way of being. The divisive attacks we make on each other do nothing but let the terrorist imagine they won.

On this tenth anniversary let’s reinvigorate our national sense of caring for each other Love your neighbor as yourself.