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Rick Sanchez and Hate Speech

So Rick Sanchez is gone.  Thank you Time Warner and CNN for quickly removing such a hate monger from the air waves.  Sanchez in an interview on Sirius radio on the “StandUp with Pete Dominick Show ” made Anti-Jewish comments.  He repeated old Jew-baiting hatred of control of the media and Wall Street.  He called Jon Stewart of the “Daily Show” a bigot.  It doesn’t go away. Does it?

This from a supposedly educated person. Born in Cuba, he grew up in Florida. Sanchez has had career in broadcasting dating back to the early 1980’s when he was in college.  He has had a sketchy past mis-attributing quotes, involved in a hit and run drunk driving accident, and some other sloppy journalistic issues

Thank you CNN for not tolerating this kind of behavior from your journalists.

When however will we have a serious discussion about the language of hatred that is infecting this country? Whether from the left or right?

This kind of language is killing young people. It is destroying the fabric of our country.  Yes we were founded on a principle of free speech.  But good people need to mind their tongues. Not everything everyone thinks needs to be said aloud or over the air waves.  Hate speech is something everyone should paying attention to.