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Saturday night special

Saturday night was special.  My great-nephew Alex texted me out of the clear blue sky! He was in town preparing to play a gig.  Alex is a second year college student at Clemson in South Carolina and was spending a chunk of this summer crisscrossing the U.S. with his band.  Alex is a percussionist and a very good one. He has been playing for many years and on top of that is a great guy. Okay I am biased –he is my great-nephew and he is a great nephew at that.   Southern boy with a big heart and yes, lots of rhythm.

He will be playing tonight at O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica  2941 Main Street, Santa Monica from 9-10 pm.  His band the Zach Fowler Trio features the music of Zach Fowler in Rock, Pop and Reggae style.   Check out Zach’s original music at .

Show up–you will be glad you did and say hi to Alex. He’s the drummer.