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Season Opener

Mazal tov to the Beverly Hills Normans.  Season Opener was Saturday.  I am proud to say the son pitched the first five inning –in a game they won.  Sadly he won’t get credit for the win.  But he did a fine job I am told.  (I was leading Shabbat services). The second game he was behind the dish.  He caught the whole game.  Sadly they lost the second game to Monrovia on the Wildcats home field.   First time the son has caught a whole game for Varsity!

That’s the game I got to see.  Had a wicked RBI in that game too.

I am happy to be back on the bleachers even though I forgot my chair!  I haven’t repacked my trunk with the right baseball season accouterments.

A blanket for when the marine layer comes in at four in the afternoon in Beverly Hills.  Water and Gatorade for a thirsty player.  A bleacher chair that sets up on the metal or wood benches and saves the parental lower back.   And of course sun screen.

Thankfully I had sunglasses and a hat with me this weekend!

So I the time has come.  Let’s go Normans.  They are back in Monrovia on Tuesday.  Hopefully we will prevail.