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Separation of Families

The pictures are heart wrenching. The separation of families seeking asylum in the US is a heinous policy that will no doubt do severe damage to the children who are separated from their parents.  Currently there aren’t even plans to figure out how to reunite those children who have been forcibly taken from their parents who tried to cross the border without papers.  And some of those parents have already been deported to the home countries with no way to reach them or repatriate their children.  This is not only a policy nightmare but this is a moral nightmare.  A moral crisis of the highest order.  A sin.

The pain of separating children from their parents is always real. It has real effects upon children. Study after study shows that even brief separations cause regressions in language and development of children.  They withdraw emotionally and socially.  Parents provide security and guidance.  And when you don’t speak English and you are six years old this is a recipe for disaster for everyone involved.

Look at what happens to Moses in this week’s Torah portion and he is an adult! His sister Miriam dies in this week’s Torah portion- Chukat.  Miriam his older sister has been a mother figure to him.  She arranged for him to be “found” by Pharaoh’s daughter. She arranged for their own mother, Yocheved, to be his wet-nurse. Miriam led along side her brothers Moses and Aaron as the Children of Israel made their way from Egypt through the Promised Land.  And as Miriam dies in the wilderness, Moses immediately afterwards, distracted by his own grief and loss of his sister-mother, Miriam has a melt down.  He ignores God’s command, strikes the rock in search of water rather than speak to it.  Moses now separated from his sister-mother takes his anger out in violating one of God’s commandment.

And remember he is an adult.  What is the effect of separation from one’s mother and father when you are of the tender age of 3? 7? 10 years old?

This cruel and heartless policy of the American government is untenable. And we must call and write and march to undo this crime against humanity.  Call your Representative in Washington, D.C. (202) 224-3121 demand they bring Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to Congress  to demand answers and a plan to reunite families and to end this policy of family separation fully and Health and Human Services head Alex M Azar  Contact him at

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