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Shabbat Shalom World

Shabbat Shalom World.  This is the day of rest.  On the seventh day God rested from all the work of creation says the book of Genesis. Did God kick back and chill? Did God simply look around and admire the creation?  Did the process need time to stew?  What is the rest for this day?  Is it refraining from the process of creation?

I like to think of Shabbat as a day to breathe.  All week-long I rush from thing to thing, conversation to conversation, appointment to appointment.  On Shabbat I like to linger. On Shabbat I like to go slow.  On Shabbat I like time to hear myself think and most of all to feel the feelings that get stuffed down and sometimes put aside all week-long.  On Shabbat I like to be with friends and I like to have time to pray. That is the ideal Shabbat for me. It is not always possible even as a rabbi.  But I still wait for the ideal opportunity to try.  I don’t give up hope.

Today is a day to breathe.   Give yourself a chance to do that.  Even in this world of stress.  Take the edge off. Today is Shabbat. 

Shabbat Shalom.