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Spain vs Netherland

I have successfully avoided World Cup mania. But being here in Israel it is hard to avoid. This country is soccer and basketball crazed.  And so everyone is into the World Cup.  Tonight everyone is making plans to see the final and the Spanish vs the Dutch. 

It is especially interesting being in a country where so many are immigrants.  Everyone came from somewhere else.   And for us Jews–there were thriving communities in Spain and in the Netherlands.  Surprising the Amsterdam Jewish community traced it roots to Spain. After the expulsion in 1492 many went north to Holland.

So does this mean rooting for the Netherlands to win is also rooting for Spain?

All that really matters if truth be told is that the Angels close their gap with the Texas Rangers (although with pitching ace, Cliff Lee now going from the last place Mariners to the first place Rangers in the Western Conference of the AL they will have to work that much harder.)    Bring out the rally monkey now.