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Spiritual wisdom on the field

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  Green Bay or Pittsburgh?  I have to confess I am paying attention this year because Pittsburgh-my childhood team is in.  This is the seventh trip to a Super Bowl for the Steelers and the fourth for the Packers.

Recently someone told me about the Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin.  He is one of the youngest coaches in NFL history.  He came on board the Steelers in January 2007 at the tender age of 34.  And he won a Super Bowl in his second season as coach!!! This is an amazing feat.  He is today taking his second team in four years to the Super Bowl.

Tomlin is now a mere 38 but he has much wisdom.  He has a team of hot doggers. Just look at the antics of their quarterback Ben Roethilisberger.  And despite a four game suspension early in the season, Tomlin ensured that Pittburgh whent 3-1 in those games!  Tomlin’s philosophy to this team has been “Don’t be that guy”.

Don’t be that guy who causes embarrassment to the team.  Don’t be that guy who makes an idiot of himself in his off hours. Tomlin has had to deal with several of the Steelers who have been that Guy and traded past Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes whose legal problems off the field made him “THAT GUY”.

Is there a spiritual message in Coach Tomlin’s proverb to his team?
I think there is –  it is one of judgement.  In other words pay attention to who you are all the time.  Be mindful. And when you make a mistake or an error in judgement then own it and be responsible.

Don’t Be that Guy–or Gal.  Walk Humbly with your God.

And good luck Steelers.