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Stealing emails

So yesterday I was informed By Hilton that a massive breach of their email system happened.  Epsilon which is the largest consumer email Marketing services company reported a massive breach of its system.  Hilton isn’t the only ones affected  but other major companies like Walgreens, Kroger, Disney Destinations, US Bank, Citi, Best Buy, Capitol One. TiVo, Ameriprise among others! Epsilon is reporting it is mostly  names and email contact info that was breached but some other sensitive materials may have been stolen.

According to SecurityWeek magazine Epsilon sends out 40 BILLION emails annually!!!! They have over 2500 clients.  So it is likely that if you use major brands and communicate by email with them, you are likely affected.

Be careful opening emails.  You should always be careful but be hyper vigilant.  If only people would remember: Thou Shalt Not Steal.   It applies not only in real life but virtual as well.