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Stumble, Fumble and Choke

So the final arguments are done.  In numerous tweets from the courtroom all agreed that Olson and Boies successfully tore apart the pro-Prop 8 side.  They made their so-called “experts” stumble, fumble and choke on their own words.  Even getting Blankenhorn to agree that adoption of children is a good thing!  The Olson and Boies team were more than prepared and ready to answer the judge’s many questions and showed that the pro-prop 8 folks just repeat statements without any real evidence or research to back up their claims.  Stating that the institution of marriage is threatened by same-sex couples getting married doesn’t make it so.  Read the New York Times account here.  Read the Washington Post account here

Here are the answers that were filed in court by each side to the judges 39 questions.  It is very interesting reading.  No matter how Judge Walker rules the case is sure to make its way on appeal eventually to the United States Supreme Court.  I have to say I although I am usually an optimist in life, I am pessimistic about our chances in the United States Supreme Court.  I have faith in God not in the court.  Sad to say.  But it is so politicized I don’t hold out for justice even there.  

But here are the three documents of answers. I thought you might be interested in the findings.

CR688 Schwarzenegger response to Q 12

CR686 Plaintiffs response to closing arg questions

CR687 Proponents response to closing arg questions