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Sukkah building time

With Yom Kippur over our thoughts turn to the Fall Harvest Festival of Sukkot.

Time to build that sukkah, the small hut that will be our banquet hall and hotel for a week.  Beginning Wednesday night and lasting for 7 nights (if you are Reform or live in Israel), Sukkot is a wonderful joyous holiday.  In the contemporary world of North American Jewry, sadly, it gets lost.  People think they have done their Jewish thing with Yom Kippur.  But they miss the point and miss the fun!  Sukkot is the ultimate holiday of entertaining!  Welcoming guests into your Sukkah is a mitzvah!

I’ll never figure out why North American liberal Jews would rather overwhelming flock to synagogue on the most solemn and difficult day of the year and forgo celebrating the most joyous.

So let’s reverse the trend.  Welcome the fall.  Welcome your friends. Build a sukkah.  There are lots of kits that help you do so.  And if you need some inspiration, these are the winners of this year’s sukkah design contest.  This is not your grandpa’s sukkah!   Click here for inspiration.  Chag Sameach.