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Super Sunday

I know what you are thinking –I am a week behind.  Last Sunday was the Super Bowl and it was. I am still celebrating the Saints victory! I love an underdog.  But next Sunday, February 21 is also Super Sunday for the Jewish Community here in Los Angeles.  This is the day when the Jewish Federation tries to raise funds for its annual campaign. Volunteers both in the city and the valley will call donors trying to get them to support the many good things that Jewish Federation does both here at home in Los Angeles and in Israel and around the world.

But sadly most Jews don’t give to the Jewish Federation. They don’t really understand what it does.  The annual campaign supports amazing charities and programs throughout the Jewish community. It is a “federated” campaign meaning that it centralizes the fundraising so as to increase our dollar power and administrative effectiveness and more dollars can go directly to direct services.  Our LA Federation gives more than a million dollars a year to day schools to educate kids Jewishly.  Our LA Federation gives several million to Jewish Family Services to provide counseling service on a sliding scale to the community.  Our LA Federation just doubled its money and commitment to over 1.3 million dollars to send our college youth on Birthright Israel trips –making it more available to more students from Los Angeles.  Federation helps funds Sova the Jewish food pantry.   The Jewish Federation for many years has sponsored Koreh:LA  a program which matches individuals with students who teach them literacy skills.  Thousands of children and adults have learned to read across Los Angeles. 

And our Federation does direct service in Israel helping at risk families, funding schools for children of immigrants and in times of the recent crisis this past summer at the LGBT center-providing emergency funds to help the victims of the shooting in the youth center. 

Our Federation deals with developing young leaders in the Jewish community, helping Jewish Vocational Services find people jobs and it even has emergency money for those in difficult moments in these economically challenged times.

This Shabbat is also Shabbat Shekalim.  It was in ancient days the time to give the half-shekel tax to the ancient temple for its upkeep and for the community to be counted.  Super Sunday is your time to help upkeep of the Jewish community at large and those in need.  Stand up and  be counted.

So I hope when the call comes next Sunday-you will answer.  Or don’t wait go on-line to

Make a difference in someone’s life today.