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The 9th of Av

On this 9th of Av, Jewish national day of mourning the tragedies that befell our people, I take pride in our accomplishments.  We are a people that have endured! We are a people that have contributed much to the human family! We are a people that is willing to adapt and renew itself in the face of such adversity inflicted upon us throughout the ages.  And today when the Jewish people enjoys such freedoms especially here in North America I give thanks for our lives and the ability to live a spiritually connected Jewish centric way of being!

So even as this is a day of Jewish sadness traditionally, I will choose to reaffirm the eternal covenant of the Jewish people on this day.  I will choose to seek out the ethical ideals that have grounded our people from ancient days until now.  I will choose to celebrate being Jewish when others tried to grind us down.

I hope you will too.