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The Crosstown Rivalry

Today is THE GAME. The only one that matters.  BCS be damned.  Super Bowl?  Feh!  Today is the USC vs. UCLA crosstown rivalry game.  Trojans against the Bruins.  The Cardinal and Gold Trojans have won 1o times in the last eleven meetings.  And though both teams have had less than stellar seasons this year,  this game is always intense.  Lance Kiffin the newish USC coach has a lot riding on this game for his first season as coach.  This is especially because the team is under NCAA sanctions and can’t go to a bowl. And his team has lost the last three games.  YIKES.  He needs to roll over the Bruins.

On the other hand the Bruins have had a less than inspiring season. They haven’t done well in Pac-10 play.  But there is always an excuse with the Bruins football program.  Bruins like to say “We’re a basketball school.”  

Despite all this the game today matters. It always matters.  That is why the Crosstown Rivalry is still in place after so many years.

It should be fun. It always is fun!  And in the end even as emotions run high, fun is the mantra to remember.