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The fire is out but the need is still there

The fire in Israel is out.  But there are still thousands of people displaced from their homes.  Israel was woefully unprepared to fight the massive Carnek fire that burned more than 50,000 dunams of land and destroyed kibbutz Beit Oren in the process.  Thankfully, Israel received help from many countries including Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria and even as far away as the United States.  The same 747 Boeing Supertanker used to fight fires here in Southern California flew to Israel to help battle the Carmel Fire. It can drop more than 20, 000 gallons of water or chemical retardant at a time!  But at the start of the rapid spreading fire on Thursday Israel had no fire fighting helicopters, no super tanker, and no chemical retardant on hand.

Over 5 million trees have burned.  74 structures at the kibbutz, and at Ein Hod and Yemin Orde and there were more than 173 structures partially destroyed.  The fire fighters came from all over Israel and even from the Palestinian Authority.

33 people are wounded and 42 people died-41 of them were prison guards headed to help evacuate prisoners.

The fire is out but the need is still there to help and rebuild and replant.

Help plant trees at Jewish National Fund or help Magen David Adom– Israel’s version of the Red Cross.

Please help.  We in Southern California know only too well the devastation of these fires.  Help Israel and those who have lost everything.