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The Heat of the Day

In Southern California early September is still hot.  Sizzling hot.  The drought we are experiencing in much of the west gets worse by the hour.  It is a true emergency.  Many people are experiencing sky high water bills because the Water Department has raised rates so much.  It makes oil seem cheap.  Recently I pulled out my thirsty front lawn and put in  drought resistant mulch and plants native to California. This included a drip irrigation watering system that uses only 6 gallons a week which is a flush of an older toilet. Some toilets today are as low as three gallons.

Imagine if everyone replaced their lawns and switched to low flush toilets.  This could make a huge difference in our water usage.  But it won’t solve all of our water problems.  This past year, the State of California and Israel signed an important agreement on Research and Development in four areas–cyber security, energy, storage capabilities and water!  Israel has solved its water crisis by building large desalinization plants that can now handle the growth of Israel’s population. No longer is Israel dependent on the small Jordan River for all of its fresh water needs.

California has miles and miles of coast line.  Perhaps we ought to green light desalinization plants to help us through this drought.  California grows significant amounts of this nation’s fruits and vegetables.  It is not just a California drought, it is a drought for the whole nation if we can’t supply the food needed.

Urge your representatives in the next session of our State Assembly and Senate to deal with our sever water crisis. Let’s boost funding now.  Life depends upon it.


Here is a map of existing and proposed plants.