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The last week

Sadly, the last week is here. That is the last week of the 2010 MLB season.  The regular season ends next Sunday, Oct 3.  Yikes! Where did the boys of summer go?  It went way too fast.  I didn’t go to enough games.  I didn’t soak it in enough and now the last week is here.

Sadly too, my beautiful Angels, plagued by injuries and some weak offense have been left behind for the first time in several years. No playoffs for my Angels.  I knew it was a rebuilding year. But Kendry’s injury and very cool bats early in the season especially from the extremely disappointing Hideki Matsui kept my beloved Angels from doing anything real this year.

I never got excited about Matsui.  He doesn’t really have the Angel spirit. Maybe it was good for the Angels to have the Japanese hero. But I didn’t ever get it.  It always seemed like he was a place holder because they couldn’t make a deal for a bat last off-season. I hope he sold a lot of jerseys and brought fans to the park. But he is definitely on the downside of his career and Art Moreno would do better to hire a different hotter bat as DH. And someone who could inspire the team.  I would be happy if Matsui went away after this season.  I love the young talent that came up in August and September.  They are our future and should continue to be groomed and shaped.  I am willing to be patient with my Angels.

It is still a hot race between the Yankees and the Rays.  So there is AL excitement.

And in the National League the Dodgers were no better than the Angels.  I am not a big Dodger fan but they couldn’t get it together either.    I am rooting for the Padres. They are still chasing the Giants.  Another hot race.  I am rooting for the Padres in part because I love PETCO Stadium.  I think it is one of the most comfortable stadiums!

The World Series this year won’t start until October 27!  And if it goes the distance it could be November before the championship is decided.  Let’s hope the teams in the Series are warm weather city teams!  Snow for the World Series isn’t right.  But love having baseball around so long.   I love it all year-long.

Playoffs start Oct. 6   Onward to the Series.  And when will my Angels start Spring Training? I am already looking forward to that!