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The Last Week

Well it is here. The last week of 2009 is about to unfold. With New Year’s on Friday many people will be thinking about the past year and how quickly it stormed by.  What were the highlights of your year?  There are certainly no end to lists of the greatest moments or greatest news stories of 2009.

Was it the inauguration of President Barak Obama last January? 

Was it the Yankees winning of the world series? Or Derek Jeter breaking Lou Gehrig’s record?

Was it the passage of health care reform or the selling out of women’s reproductive health?

Was it the plans to step up the war in Afghanistan or the still unsettled issues in Iraq?

Was it the election of a second openly gay bishop in the Episcopal church? Or the passage of marriage equality in Iowa, New Hampshire and Washington, DC. or the defeat in Maine?

Was it Brett Farve’s decision to play for the Vikings? Or the death of the Bengals wide receiver from injuries sustained in a fall?

Or was it Tiger Woods fall from grace?

Or the deaths of Sen.Ted Kennedy? Or Michael Jackson’s death that is the top news story? Or the deaths of authors John Updike or Frank McCourt or Vanity Fair contributor Domminck Dunne?

Was it the H1N1 flu pandemic? Or was it the economy and the bailouts? Or the rising jobless rate in this country? Or state budget woes in California and many other states?

Was it Judge Sotomeyer’s confirmation as a new Supreme Court Justice? Or was it the amazing US Air plane landing in the Hudson River?

So much has happened this year.  What is your vote?

And most importantly as we live this last week-how will you prepare for 2010?   Don’t forget to send to your favorite charities this week.  Non-profit organizations who do the lion’s share of social services and spiritual services in this country have been hard hit by the recession.  So be sure to take out your checkbook and give something. 

Happy 2010.