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The lies of those who keep Prop 8 alive

It is time to bring the Prop 8 trial to light. A hearing today was to settle whether the video of the case could be released.  The prop 8 people who lost in federal court and have appealed the case to the 9th Circuit only to have it kicked back to California courts to decide whether they have any standing in the case have been trying to keep the video of the original trial in Judge Walker’s courtroom from the public eye!  They claim “witness intimidation” a nebulous term from those who continue to be in the pubic limelight with their heinous crusade against gay folks.  What are they afraid of?  They are afraid everyone will see that their own witnesses’ admitted under oath that marriages of gay men and lesbians actually DO NO HARM to heterosexuals who are married.  The prop 8 people don’t want it seen and heard that their own witnesses agreed that gay people must be extended the same liberty as everyone else!

They don’t want everyone to be able to see finally through their lies about the lives of gay and lesbian people.

Let’s hope the court will see through their lies as well.