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The Most Powerful Women

The list is in.  This is the list of the Most Powerful Women in the World. It is refreshing to see a list of women rather than just the usual list of men.  But Power is a funny thing–it can be used for good or for ill.  Let’s hope each of these women use their strength, charisma, personal connections and political connections, and yes, Power, for good.  To some Power is not a good thing and women always have a love hate relationship to power.  Some are so afraid of a little power.  But these women have embraced it with humor and grace.  That is in part what makes them so powerful. They don’t run from it or the responsibilities that go with the use of power.  These women are inspiring. So here is the list!.

The Most Powerful Women In The World—click on each woman to view profile

1. Michelle Obama, First Lady, U.S.

2. Irene Rosenfeld, Chief Executive, Kraft Food
3. Oprah Winfrey, Talk show host and media mogul
4. Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany
5. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, U.S.
6. Indra Nooya, Chief Executive, Pepsico
7. Lady Gaga, Singer and performance artist
8. Gail Kelly, Chief Executive, Westpac
9. Beyoncé Knowles, Singer and fashion designer
10. Ellen DeGeneres, Talk show host
11. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, U.S.
12. Angela Braly, Chief Executive, Wellpoint
13. Janet Napolitano, Secretary, Homeland Security, U.S.
14. Cynthia Carroll, Chief Executive, Anglo American
15. Sheila Bair, Chair, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
16. Sarah Palin, Political maverick and commentator
17. Mary Schapiro, Chair, Securities and Exchange Commission
18. Ellen Kullman, Chief Executive, DuPont
19. Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice, U.S.
20. Ursula Burns, Chief Executive, Xerox
21. Angelina Jolie, Actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador
22. Katie Couric, News anchor
23. Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary, Health & Human Services
24. Anne Lauvergeon, Chief Executive, Areva
25. Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Justice, U.S.