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The Rolling Tide Toward Equality

What a week!  The march of progress toward full equality for LGBT folks continues and this week saw some important gains.   Of course the much heralded decision of the the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court that stuck down Prop 8 is one of the most significant decisions for LGBT equality that has come at a federal level. .Judge Reinhardt’s beautifully and thoroughly written decision will provide continuing armor against the anti-marriage forces as they try to force their theology into our Constitution.  

But we also saw a vote to legalize marriage for gay men and lesbians in Washington State.  Now Gov. Gregoire SIGN THAT BILL!!!! And do it quickly.  I know you said you would sign it by Valentine’s Day but why wait?  Let them get married on Valentine’s Day!!!  The anti-marriage forces in Washington State are foaming at the mouth and seeking signatures to overturn the legislature already. So a battle looms there. We will have to work but the tide keeps rolling

In Minnesota, the Rabbinical Assembly of Minnesota came out strongly opposed to their anti-marriage amendment there and rabbis of North Carolina are organizing against their anti-marriage Amendment called Amendment One.  Rabbi Fred Guttman of Greensboro, N.C. ( the starting point of the lunch counter sit-in during the African-American civil rights struggle) spoke eloquently at their City Council against Amendment One helping convince that City Council to oppose it! Rabbis in Raleigh and across the state are addressing their congregants and their representatives to work for equality for LGBT folks.   

So it has been a good week for justice. It has been a good week for equality. Let’s keep it going!