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They Grow Quickly

With the kids on vacation from school, what to do all day with them is an issue.  Fortunately I have a teen-ager that has a tight group of friends.  The “Baseball Boys” I call them.  They all play ball together and have for many years even before High School.  They played all through Pony League from T-Ball, to coach-pitch, then Pintos, Mustangs, Broncos and finally the top-tier in our area, Pony.  Of course they all have played travel ball and now they play on their High School team. 

During the winter break they pal around all day going from house to house playing catch, video games and laughing up a storm as only teen-age boys can do, with an occasional movie thrown in for good measure.  Our home seems to be the central residence during winter and spring breaks.  Three of the guys are regulars.  But in the last two days a new kid appeared.  Or he appeared new to me.  When I asked my son who he was he gave me only a first name!  Later in the day when we were on the way to see his father (who is getting stronger everyday -thank you for all your prayers. Keep ’em coming!), I asked more about the “new” kid.  When my son told me who he was last name included, I was astonished. I knew this kid.  At least I did when he was four.  All I could think about was how he must think I am crazy!

Later in the evening when the gang assembled again at our house for a sleepover I apologized to this very handsome young man with the brand new car.  I said I am so sorry I didn’t recognize him but he had certainly changed since he was four years old and his father coached the T-Ball team! 

He laughed and I laughed and so did the rest of the guys.  

But yes, they grow quickly!