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Time is Ticking

Time is Ticking! The 2009 is counting down quickly.  Are you glad to see the year go? Or has it been a year of blessings?   It is hard to believe the first decade is of the second millenium of the Common Era is gone.  Ten years have ticked by since we feared the Y2K bug and that fateful New Year’s of 2000 when we worried the world would go dark!

Time to make those resolutions for 2010 if you haven’t already. But this year it is time to keep them. Don’t just say “I am going to quit smoking or I am going to exercise more only to be done by January 15 with the resolutions made.  Find a resolution buddy! Someone who can be your support and encouragement with your resolutions so you can really make the change you want. It isn’t easy but it can be done. 

Commitment. That is what it takes. Commitment to yourself. For a better you. For a better world.

Noah Blumenthal writes in “Be The Hero: 

Everyday heroes don’t let life’s challenges bring them down. Instead, they stay positive and find a way to overcome their obstacles. Everyday heroes don’t always succeed, but they consistently act on the belief that they can do something to imporve their situations and those of the people around them.”

So as 2010 approaches.  Make your resolutions. Find your resolve. Your Commitment and you too could bean everyday hero.

Happy New Year.