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Time to ask for Forgiveness

It is almost Kol Nidre.  The time to be ask and pray fervently to be released from vows and to turn our

hearts in Teshuvah, in repentance, for all of the sins of the past year. Sin is a heavy word.  When I come face to face with that word I hear evangelical Christian ministers.  Yet there are sins that each of us have committed. Errors, hurts, transgressions of appropriate behavior.  We have chosen wrong over right. And sometimes we even knew it.  We didn’t observe Shabbat. We didn’t honor our parents. We stole. We gossiped. We stabbed someone in the back or plotted revenge.

Perhaps you didn’t do all of these. But each of us has something to ask God to forgive us from and the truth is each of us has something to ask our loved ones for forgiveness from the sharp word when we were tired and cranky to spending to much time at work and not enough with the family.

Take a few minutes between now and the end of Yom Kippur to make that call, to pull someone aside at the office, or even have the courage to walk across the sanctuary on the Holy Day of Yom Kippur and put out your hand and say I’m sorry to your ex.

Don’t carry it all with you during the New Year.  It just gets heavier and heavier.

Here is Yosselle Rosenblatt singing Kol Nidre from 1912 to inspire you to ask and grant forgiveness.