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This Shabbat is a time to TURN IT OFF.

Electronics that is.  Jewish communities across North America are participating in Shabbat Unplugged.  This is an effort to reclaim Shabbat in the age of Social Media and the internet.  Like many of you I am connected in all the time.  Facebook on my smartphone. Email accessible. Texts and Linkedin keep a line open to the world. But being this dialed in keeps us from achieving the state of deep rest and renewal that Shabbat is supposed to be. Virtual community is important. But real human touch is a necessity.

So I invite you to do something so radical.  For some of you this will be one of the most difficult things you have done in recent memory.  I am asking you at Sundown tonight until Sundown tomorrow night (7:05 pm Los Angeles time) to unplug from your electronics.  No Facebook. No blogging. No Tweeting.

This is hard for me too. But I know I am up to the challenge.  I wrote about this a few weeks ago when I announced I would no longer post on Shabbat here in my blog.  This was part of my trial run for this Shabbat Unplugged.  Here is the link to the Shabbat Manifesto calling for this unplugged Sabbath. I hope you will take part with me.

Let’s enjoy some Shabbat Menucha- Shabbat rest and renewal.  Shabbat Shalom