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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Don’t forget to tell the ones you love–that you love them.   I know it is not really a Jewish holiday.  It is a Hallmark Day. Even the Catholic Church doesn’t observe this day anymore. It used to be St. Valentine’s Day but they decommissioned St. Valentine several decades ago! (actually it was 1969!)

So all that is left of this day of love is chocolate, hearts, and cards.

The Jewish equivalent of Valentine’s Day comes in the summer–Tu B’av  or the 15th day of Av.  But following on the heels of Tisha B’av-the 9th day of Av which is a day of deep mourning and fasting to commemorate the destruction of the Temple-Tu B’av doesn’t get as much attention.

So go ahead. Make Hallmark happy. Send a card, some flowers and give some chocolate.  Because it is always a good time to tell the ones you love that you love and appreciate them.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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