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Walking for Congo

Today we at Kol Ami are joining with other congregations and individuals across Los Angeles to Walk in the annual Jewish World Watch Walk to End Geoncide.  This is the fourth annual walk.  We will gather in Woodland Hills at Warner Center Park 5800 Topanga Canyon (north of the 101) the walk is just under 3 miles.  Not so taxing a walk but our Social Action Committee along with our Religious School will join together in this effort. Registration begins this morning at 8 am and the walk begins at 9. But even if you can’t come out that early come by 10 am or 11 am. Because there is a wonderful social activism fair where you can get involved and learn more about what is happening in both Darfur and the Congo.

Why bother to worry about what is happening so far away?  There aren’t a lot of Jews in Darfur or the Congo.  As Jews our concerns do just extend to Jews but to all of God’s children.  We do not idly stand by the blood of our neighbor. And most especially we remember most vividly how the Jewish people have been targeted for death and genocide time and time again in history. Most recently during World War II and the Nazi’s final solution which was termed the Holocaust. 

Here are some basic facts why we must take up this cause:

  • The Darfur genocide is now in its 7th year, during which 400,000 innocent Darfuris have been systematically murdered with no end in sight.
  • With 5.5 million killed and millions more facing brutal atrocities and displacement, the conflict in Congo requires our immediate attention.
  • We are facing a world in which there are over 30 conflicts now at high risk of genocide
  • So I hope if you are reading this early come and join us this morning. Their are people who need our help. Their are people who need our country’s help and the world to pay attention. They need the U.N. to step in. Our voices can make that happen.