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Why Have a Coach?

Coaching for clergy and non-profit executives can make an incredible difference!

One of the biggest issues among rabbis and ministers today that I hear about is the loneliness inherent in the job.  You are part of the community but not fully as you pastor and care for your congregants.  The same as a non-profit executive.  You encourage your staff and work with your board but you are really on your own. 

Having an executive coach helps to provide you with the space you need for reflection and growth and means having someone in your corner to root for you, support you and challenge you! A coach should give you the encouragement you need and the foundation to know you are not alone!

A coach can help you clarify your goals and values.  A coach can help you trust your intuition and your own deep wisdom.  A coach can also be the one to help hold you accountable to yourself by being that outside mirror.

Too often in religious and spiritual settings or in the non-profit sector there is a lack of supervision that allows for questions to be raised or the time to think through an issue.  We are asked to rapidly respond and solve every issue that comes our way often without consideration of the implications. We are so busy reacting that we have no time to allow for a thoughtful, engaged process that can lead to better outcomes.  And once that issues is solved we are on to the next without the time to process and learn from our successes and mistakes.

An executive coach can help you do just that; increase your impact. Coaching can help give you the dedicated time to unpack and reflect  and help you ensure that your values actions align with your values and mission.  An executive coach can help you hone your leadership skills and help you frame your discernment process.

An executive coach can help you navigate tough situations with grace. Synagogues, churches, and organizations are all driven by people. And with people come personalities.  This means that there are at times difficult conversations that have to happen. An executive coach can help you navigate those times.

An executive coach can also help you make a plan to move from one position to another, consider when it’s time to retire, or build a sabbatical framework.

At Rezilience Strategies, we offer you the opportunity to have a coach in your corner, to reflect, grow, discern, build your leadership skills and combat the loneliness that can lead to burn out. Let be your partner in support, caring, and creating your platform for your success.