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Your picture not your pet’s Picture

I’ve succumbed to that 21st century phenomenon- JDATE.  Yes I admit it. I have been on JDATE. Just like the hundreds of couples who have been in my office who have met there-I have tried to take some inspiration from them. Perhaps I will meet someone on JDATE too. But I do have to say-please don’t tell me about your dog or your cat or even your horse.  I am not into dating animals.  Why do folks think it necessary to take photos of themselves with their pets?  Is this an epidemic in online dating and matches?  De Rigueur?

I guess it is helpful to know if someone is a cat person or a dog person.  But I really don’t want to date your cat or dog.  So many descriptions of the people include details about their pets.  Almost never is that a pet goldfish.   But if I hear about one more dog who likes to hike the canyons I may have to stop searching for a match.

I really don’t care about the dogs or the cats. They are incidental to the qualities I want in a partner.

And the truth is I don’t really have time to take care of a pet.  Fine if they are someone else’s but not for me.  I like to travel too much.

So do yourself a favor or just do me a favor–let’s see your picture on JDATE without your dog, cat, horse, bird, etc.

Tell me about yourself not the pet you have or the pet you want to have.  It translates as I can’t really relate to people so I will put animals first.

Only you can change that message.