I tried it

I made it through Shabbat without a Facebook post or a tweet.  Wow!  I vaguely remember that there was a time before these things were invented.  Oh yeah, just a few years ago.  But Tweeting and Facebook have so changed our realities.  But this Shabbat I participated in Shabbat Unplugged–and didn’t tweet and or Facebook.  I didn’t write a blog and post it! Refraining from these things really takes the pressure off.  But you don’t realize it until you stop.

I hope I can keep it going for more than once a year. But make it a Shabbat habit.  Shabbat is a habit anyway.  A Divine and eternal habit.

If you didn’t try this time away you always have next Shabbat.  Try it. You will be relieved!

One thought on “I tried it

  1. Yeaaa you! I must admit I attempted to not look at my phone – the best I could do was not tweet or FB on Shabbat – I was not completely successful at no eletronics – not tweeting/FB was soooo incredibly difficult for me – it made me realize how attached I am to my phone and connection on social media – I admit it – I’m addicted – but gave myself permission to just try it and not do it perfectly – thanks for the suggestion, I think! 🙂 Reva

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