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I tried it

I made it through Shabbat without a Facebook post or a tweet.  Wow!  I vaguely remember that there was a time before these things were invented.  Oh yeah, just a few years ago.  But Tweeting and Facebook have so changed our realities.  But this Shabbat I participated in Shabbat Unplugged–and didn’t tweet and or Facebook.  I didn’t write a blog and post it! Refraining from these things really takes the pressure off.  But you don’t realize it until you stop.

I hope I can keep it going for more than once a year. But make it a Shabbat habit.  Shabbat is a habit anyway.  A Divine and eternal habit.

If you didn’t try this time away you always have next Shabbat.  Try it. You will be relieved!

1 thought on “I tried it”

  1. Yeaaa you! I must admit I attempted to not look at my phone – the best I could do was not tweet or FB on Shabbat – I was not completely successful at no eletronics – not tweeting/FB was soooo incredibly difficult for me – it made me realize how attached I am to my phone and connection on social media – I admit it – I’m addicted – but gave myself permission to just try it and not do it perfectly – thanks for the suggestion, I think! 🙂 Reva

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