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Baseball in Winter

Ok I couldn’t resist. I know Baseball season is over and spring training is two months away.  The winter baseball meetings are soon to start.  But last night I had a taste of baseball!  Part Chanukah celebration -part birthday celebration my son and I went to see the film “Jews and Baseball.” (I was the only woman in the theatre!)

It is a wonderful documentary about America’s pastime baseball and the influence it has had on Jews in America and the influence Jews in America have had on baseball including a review of some of the greatest Jewish players, their accomplishments and Jews who haven’t played but been an important part of the game.

It is a well done film and particular attention is given to the impact of slugger Hank Greenberg and pitcher Sandy Koufax on both the game and their impact as superstar Jewish players.  But the filmmakers also highlight many other lesser known early Jewish players and more contemporary ball players like, Shawn Green, Ian Kinsler, Kevin Youkliss, Brad Ausmus and Ryan Braun.

It was showing this summer at the Jerusalem Film Festival when I was there.  I tried to attend the showings but they were all sold out!. But I am glad I waited because it was awesome to see it with the Baseball Player and to see it in the winter when there is no other baseball!

I know there is more to tell about Jews and Baseball. I think they ought to do a follow up and spend more time on the contemporary scene.  Were there any Jewish umpires? They did mention and talk to a few owners.  I know there are agents who are Jews.   That would make it really comprehensive.

If you miss baseball (was it just a month ago the Giants won the World Series over the Rangers) then get yourself to see this wonderful documentary.

2 thoughts on “Baseball in Winter”

  1. Enjoying a baseball game or a baseball movie with one’s child is the best that it can get. I have handed down my love of baseball to my three (now adult) kids, two sons and a daughter. I Know that they willdo the same with their children. l

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