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Baseball Quandry

So the World Series is set.  Rangers v Giants begins on Wednesday.  National League has home field advantage because of their win in the All-Star Game.  But the quandry is who to root for?

The Rangers are part of American League West. The same as my beloved Angels.

The Giants are the Anti-Dodgers.  The rivalry between them predates their West Coast homes.

I could root for the Rangers and my former Angel, Vlad Guerrero

I could root for the Giants and their amazing 5’10” pitcher Lincecum (This because he is the shortest pitcher in baseball. Most pitchers now must be 6’1″ – 6’5″ to be drafted and my son who is a wonderful pitcher is just coming up on 6′ still not tall enough according to most scouts!)

But I guess I have a couple days to decide.  I would love to hear who you are rooting for in the World Series and why?

6 thoughts on “Baseball Quandry”

  1. The Yankees – it doesn’t matter who is actually IN the World Series. The Yankees are the best team in baseball. Everyone knows that.

  2. The Giants, of course. SF Native. Grew up during the days of Mays, McCovey, Bonds, & Marichal. May live 3000 miles away now, but they’re still my boys. (yes, I do root for the Yankees, too.)

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  4. Quite the qandry!
    I would normally expect (and hope) that the Rabbi would be on the side of the angels, but the Texas Rangers complicate this one for me. I will not root for anything in Texas.

    The Giants at least are a California team, but ….. National League. I just can’t root for any NL team. …. unless they are playing the Yankees. I really hate the Yankees. Really.

    There is another way: Join those of us who are brokenhearted by the Detroit Tigers, and just wait ’til next year

  5. I can’t decide either. Jon Daniels, GM of the Texas Rangers is the son and brother of close friends/former congregants. So that makes me lean to the Rangers (younger brother of the GM, Ryan is in his first year in rabbinical school at HUC.) But the Giants are from the great city of SF. So, we shall see. And the Rangers are from Texas.

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