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Mazal Tov Giants

Mazal tov to the San Francisco Giants! The new World Baseball Champs. Impressive hitting and more impressive pitching. Lincecum’s amazing 9k’s on Monday night, Renteria’s home run were out of this world. It was a fitting end to their season. How sweet to win a Series when the last time this club did so was when they were the New York Giants! More than 50 years ago! Congratulations.  


For me the end of the World Series means the end of baseball season. And this is always difficult. I know the winter meetings will start soon (Dec 6-9 in Orlando, Florida) to deal with free agents and trades and the leagues. So baseball lives on. And it is only a few months til the Pitchers gather in Spring Training in Florida and Arizona. February is just around the corner. But this means I am left with football and not much else since I don’t really follow basketball or hockey.

So farewell to the 2010 MLB Season. I hope my Angels are healing from their injuries and strategizing their moves. Its gotta get better for the 2011 season. Did you know the Angels open March 31 in Kansas City against the Royals? Hmmmm come to think of it I have never been to Kansas City. Road trip?

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