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Boehner’s Folly

The Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner has decided that the House  will defend DOMA-the Defense of Marriage Act.  He has authorized up to a half a million dollars and has hired former  solicitor general Paul Clement to defend DOMA in Court since the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice will no longer do so.  Since when is the Speaker of the House a member of the executive branch of government?  Last I remember he is not.  The executive branch sets the policy of its Administration.   But the House BiPartisan Legal Advisory Group authorized the hire of an outside counsel.  This was done without Minority Leader, Pelosi’s approval.

Interestingly enough the firm that Paul Clement, a Bush era appointee,  is a part of,  King and Spaulding, has an extensive pro LGBT section of its website.  Since 2008 they have held a 95 out of 100 on HRC‘s Corporate Equality Index rating!

And yet they are willing to take this half a million dollar gift from the Speaker to undermine equality.   I know that DOMA is still the law.  But on Tuesday for the first time a CNN Poll showed that 51% favored marriage equality for gay people.  The tide is turning.

The time to put an end to DOMA is now.   Perhaps the powers at King and Spaulding would argue their case against DOMA in such a way that they show the ridiculousness of the whole enterprise.   Now that would be innovative.

1 thought on “Boehner’s Folly”

  1. He is wrong on this one….but Boehner and Bibi Netanyahu are set to address Congress in 2 weeks! This is a preemptive move to out maneuver Obama and capitalize on the strained Obama/Netanyahu relationship. If Boehner can work with Bibi on the Israel/Palestinian peace plan, especially in light of the Mideast Arab uprising from the streets, then he might score some points that would counter the DOMA defense work he is doing. usual you gotta’ take the good with the bad proving no one is perfect or can agree with U on every issue.

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