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The Senate is scheduled to vote today on the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Dream Act.  They are debating now.
I hope you have been calling.  Sen. Joe Lieberman has been working to bridge the partisan aisle on this one. “We have refused to accept defeat. No matter what happened, we just kept going,” Lieberman said Friday. “And if I may borrow from our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’ve had you might say our own legislative surge over the last week.”

Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan chair of the Armed services Comittee is speaking on the floor eloquently. Sen Ron Wyden of Oregon gave a passionate speech this morning.

So far Republicans, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Collins and Snowe of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska have said they will vote to repeal DADT. The measure was passed by the house this week after it was stripped from the Defense Reauthorization Bill which failed to pass because DADT repeal was included. This ought to be enough votes to end it. Once and for all.

It is time for this heinous policy to be repealed.  Sen Bob Corker was trying to proclaim that he and other GOP’ers would hold up voting on the START Nuclear treaty if DADT came to the floor.  WOW! Nuclear Disarmament and Gay Rights.  The GOP white men are scared.  And it is a sad story they tell. Their fear and myth mongering is over the top and out of proportion to everything.  They can’t handle that gay men and women would shatter the “sissy” myth that they grew up with. They can’t handle the idea that gay folks would and should serve their country openly and honestly.

Get over it.   A get on with it.  REPEAL DADT.

And while they are at it. Pass the DREAM ACT. This would help those immigrants who are undocumented and came here as infants or young children on a path toward documentation quickly.  Many have served in our armed forces.  The only country some have really known is the US.

This Saturday session matters.  Matters of life and death for some.

Let’s hope our legislators rise above their fears and help our country live its dreams and its ideals that all are created equal.

1 thought on “DADT VOTE!”

  1. In your blog you mentioned the “sissy myth.” I guess a sissy is a male who exhibits gender non-conformity? I also guess that not all sissies are gay, but most of them are. And some gays ARE sissies and some are not. I have been a sissy all my life. We’ve added B and T and now Q and ? to the gay lib mantra. Let’s add S for sissy.

    Here’s a definition of gender non-conformity I came across in the last year (I don’t remember from where). It fit me so well I copied it down.

    Gender non-conformity. A male whose behavior does not conform the gender-role stereotype associated with one’s anatomic sex in a given culture. (in “our” culture) Somewhat feminine. Avoid competitive sports. More fearful of physical injury. Avoid fights. More sensitive. Cry more easily. Feelings more readily hurt. More artistic interests. Fewer male buddies. More female playmates. Preferred girl’s toys. Playing with girls. Less playing with trucks and guns. Less rough and tumble play. Cross dressing. Prefer company of older women.

    I’ve been a sissy since the day I was born. God made me a sissy. I can show you a photo of myself, age 4, in a dress, holding a parasol, and barefoot! My mother wrote on the back of the photo “Little Alice,” the nickname my uncle gave me.

    I know, you didn’t mean to denigrate sissies, you just wanted to point out that not all gay men are sissies.

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