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Incompetence. There I said it.  The Democratic Senate leadership under Harry Reid is simply incompetent. And I am afraid President Obama’s staff and his inexperience continue to show.  The fiasco surrounding the squashing of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy is embarrassing.  For the first time in more than 50 years the Pentagon’s defense Authorization Bill won’t see the light of day.  And DADT is dead.  Especially as the Republicans take over the leadership of the House.

Their incompetence will cause more pain and suffering by forcing lgbt military personnel deeper into the closet.  Their incompetence lets homophobia reign.  As a rabbi my tradition teaches that all were created in the Divine Image, including gay men and lesbians.  And in this time of war many wish to serve their country without hiding who they are, or their family.

DADT is nothing but an antiquated vehicle for homo-hatred.

This is what we waste our time on instead of creating more jobs, more opportunity the Senate takes away jobs and opportunity.  The repeal of DADT would mean that more people could enlist and serve our nation.

Shame on you Senate.  Shame on you Sen. Reid. Shame on you President Obama.  Get some back bone.  And sign an executive order to repeal DADT.

As Capt. Picard of the United StarShip Enterprise would say: “Make it so”

3 thoughts on “Incompetence”

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  2. Would the post-repeal laws still allow discharges of servicemen who engage in homosexual conduct that involves force, public acts, prostitution, minors, acts that are otherwise prejudicial to discipline and good order, or acts that otherwise bring discredit on the armed services?

    DADT went too far in permitting discharges for sexual orientation, but I wonder if a full repeal goes too far in the opposite direction.

    1. Michael
      Are you implying gay people in are pedophiles or use prostitute or engage in public sex more often than straight people?
      It is certainly not born out by statistics.

      All military personnel will have to obey the uniform code of military conduct which includes dismissal for rape, sexual harassment and other acts that bring discredit on the armed services regardless of sexual orientation. Perhaps if the military officials would stop worrying about who is gay and who isn’t in their homophobia they could actually do something about the increased incidents of heterosexual rape in the armed services.

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