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Health Care under fire again

Judge Roger Vinson, Federal Judge, says ruling against Health Care Law is unconstitutional. He says the government can’t compel people to buy health care and compares it to broccoli. By focusing on one provision he forgot the dozens of rights that the health care law gives.   Some are calling Judge Vinson’s ruling judicial activism.  There are key benefits with this health care law.  Those who are up to 26 years of age can stay on parents insurance.  Children with pre-existing conditions can get covered.  Those seniors and those on social security disability who have the doughnut in their coverage are protected by this health care law.

What Judge Vinson did is extraordinary. He ruled the whole thing unconstitutional based just on one provision.   So  as the Health care coverage law goes into effect there is still confusion,and  partisan posturing . When is someone going to stick up for the little gal and guy who can’t get health coverage at all or whose Cobra ran out because they have been unemployed so long.  We have to take care of one another. The Health Care Law isn’t perfect. But let’s not throw the whole thing on the funeral pyre.  We need to reform the Health care industry and access to quality care for so many Americans.



1 thought on “Health Care under fire again”

  1. I fail to see much of a distinction between this and Social Security or Medicare – they’re not forcing people to buy; they’re saying buy health insurance or we’re going to make you pay a tax. Congress is allowed to tax. My state-owned public college required students to be insured – if we didn’t have our own policy, we had to pay a fee to the school to be covered under SHIP. The state of California requires people to show proof of insurance to drive a car, and if you won’t or can’t get insurance, they make you post bond. Is that unconstitutional too?

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