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Get Out The Vote

There is only one message today. VOTE.

No excuses. Not my dog ate my ballot. Not I ran out of gas.  Not My alarm didn’t go off.  Not I couldn’t get off work. Not I don’t know where to go. Not I don’t care. Not My vote doesn’t count.

Voting is our citizen’s responsibility.  Voting is an honor. Especially when we think of all the places in the world that are ruled by dictators who strangle individual rights.

If you don’t know where your polling place is you can go to any polling place and vote a provisional ballot.  It will be checked by the registrar.

Polls open at 7  am  so you can go before work.  Polls are open til 8 pm  so you can go after work.  And many companies have policies that let you leave a bit early or come a bit late or if you live close to work take enough time at lunch to vote. Check with your direct supervisor about this.

Plan your day accordingly. Because your vote matters.  We learned that the hard way as a country during the 2000 election between Bush and Gore.

So the only message for the day: Do your duty–vote!


1 thought on “Get Out The Vote”

  1. Better yet…become a PERMANENT “vote by mail” voter for ALL future elections. Go to LA county register website to apply.

    Mark the ballot in the comfort of your home or apartment and mail it in at your convenience. Absentee/vote by mail voters are more likely to cast a ballot.

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