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Palin’s Offensive Remarks

So Sarah Palin calls those who link her to Saturday’s murders and violence in Tuscon a “Blood Libel”.  Is she understanding what she said?  A Jewish Congresswoman was almost murdered. It was an assassination attempt.  Rep. Giffords was shot point-blank in the head. It is a miracle that she survived.  And she was one of the congress members that Palin’s PAC literally aimed a bullseye at-in the cross hairs.  A JEWISH Congresswoman.  And now Palin uses further incendiary language of a “Blood Libel”.

A “Blood Libel” was exactly what the Church in the middle ages used against JEWS.  This was their target of lies  at the Jewish community especially around Passover that Jews would murder the innocent Christian babies and use their blood to make matzah.   This lie was used to incite violence and pogroms against Jewish communities throughout Europe around Passover and Easter. Furthering Church aims to wipe out Jews as non-believers in Jesus as the Messiah.  Jews were blamed for Jesus’ death and then heaped on top of this was the “Blood Libel” that would bring great violence against the Jewish communities throughout Europe.

And now Sarah Palin uses that very heated phrase. Does she think before she speaks?  Or does she say this on purpose?

In either case it is deeply offensive.  She needs to apologize to the Jewish community but primarily Rep. Giffords and her family and the victims of Saturday’s shooting and their families.

5 thoughts on “Palin’s Offensive Remarks”

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  2. Nicely put, Denise. Goes along with our state Rep up here in NH who wants businesses to eliminate any signs in stores that are in languages other than English. He feels that when people ghettoize themselves, then the results are like the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. Needless to say, he’s been accused of not knowing history and or antisemitism, among other things.

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  4. Since the 2008 election, all Sarah Palin has shown is that she is mean spirited, arrogant, narcisistic and narrow-minded.

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