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Happy 93 -if you were still here

Today would have been my mom’s 93rd birthday!  She was born in 1917.  Her parents were immigrants. Her mom Lena from the Austro-Hungarian Empire  and her father, David from France by way of Poland.   My mom was the older sister. Her younger sister is still very much alive! (Thank Goodness!).

I do think of my mom often.  Apropos of yesterday’s blog entry about my pet peeve of messing up a manicure,  my mom always had beautiful hand and nails.  She did them herself.  And regularly gave my Dad a manicure.  Funny she never gave me one or took me to get my nails done.   That was something I have learned on my own.    But she usually wore pink or mauve tones.  At least that is what I remember!

She loved to read and loved music.  She even had a brief stint as a songwriter and a contract with a record company for her lyrics! My Mom was a wonderful bookkeeper and she was incredibly smart.  She didn’t have the chance to go to college and I know that was a regret of hers.

My Mom passed away a few years ago.  But I am thinking of you today Mom!  Wish you were here to give you a hug.   I would love to laugh with you.  You always had a great sense of humor.

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