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#Egyptian plague

Egypt is in turmoil.  The scenes of the protesters, tanks and fighter jets in the modern/ancient city are amazing.  Imagine if we had CNN and Sky News coverage of the the Boston Tea Party or the Reading of the Declaration of Independence.  You are witnessing the people challenge the regime that has kept Egypt in poverty.  One visit to Cairo, even with its antiquities and pyramids is an eye-opening experience. The overwhelming poverty, and grime and crime make one pause.  Mubarak ruled with an iron hand and used these as tools to keep the people under the thumb of the army.

Here in Israel they sit and wait.  Egypt’s has a very long border with Israel.  Much of it without a fence.  The only thing that stands between Egypt and Israel in places are the Egyptian guard.  Egypt and Israel have had a cold peace since the days of Sadat and Begin who signed the initial peace agreement.  Egypt has been helpful in regards to the situation with Gaza.  But this turmoil, like that in Tunisia and Lebanon shifts the formula in the Middle East.

No one knows what the future will bring. And everyone is guessing about whether or not Jordan is next.  I overheard one conversation, “King Abdullah of Jordan better watch his back!”

One has to wonder Iran’s role in all of this.  In Lebanon, it is clear that Iran’s backing of Hezbollah plays an important role in their success and the military access to weapons.  Iran is pulling the strings behind the curtain. This should give us all pause.

You know it is bad in Cairo if even the offices of Al Jazera television are being shut down.

I pray for peace, I long for peace.

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