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A Miracle takes Patience

Today is a miracle day. We got the call. They found a heart for my son’s father. And we await all the preliminary tests so the transplant can take place. Who knew miracles involved such waiting around? But in this case you want all the team to be ready. And all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. There can be no room for error when dealing with transplants.
A transplant of any organ or tissue is complex and much can go wrong long after surgery. And so the miracle of this sort takes time. More than a year. Rejection can happen even five years after the surgery. And so it is a miracle of waiting and patience.

That is opposite of how we often think of miracles. We think of moments in time when the natural order is interrupted. Miracles happen in an instance we imagine. Kind of like a flash of lightening Even the Torah tells us that the parting of the sea took time as the east wind had to blow the waters apart. It took time for the Children of Israel to march across the Sea of Reeds. Yes, miracles take time.

Sometimes we don’t even recognize that it is a miracle because we take things for granted. Transplant surgeries are relatively new in the history of human beings. Perhaps to some folks it might not seem miraculous. But talk to someone who has received a new heart or liver or kidney and they will tell you a different story. They have tasted the reality of their own mortality. They know they have received the miracle of life and hope because someone agreed to be an organ donor.

We each have the opportunity to be an organ donor and make a miracle for someone someday. I am grateful for the miracle we are participating in as a family. So pray for skill and wisdom and steady hands of the transplant team. Pray for healing and recovery for the patient. Pray for the soul of the individual donor to be at peace. Pray for the donor families on both ends. But most of all give thanks for this miracle day. Praised are you God who has given us life and sustained us and brought us to this moment.

Today is the tenth day of counting the omer which is one week and 3 days of the omer.

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