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A thought for the day after Thanksgiving

Thought for the day:

What is the real meaning of the day after Thanksgiving?  Is it really “Black Friday”?  Is it really the holy day of consumerism?  Or is this a day to reflect and act upon the things said around the Thanksgiving table.  When you possess a daily attitude of gratitude and live a life filled with the acknowledgement of the abundance and richness of life.  Things will be less important.  It is not he or she who has the most toys wins.  It is she or he who lives a life of meaning, purpose, giving, blessing, righteousness, lovingkindness and charity that will sustain you even in times of sadness or darkness.

These aren’t just platitudes but timeless and ageless and eternal values of the Jewish people.   Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote these words:

God is more immediately found in the Bible as well as in acts of kindness and worship than in the mountains and forests. It is more meaningful for us to believe in the immanence of God in deeds than in the immanence of God in nature. Indeed, the concern of Judaism is primarily not how to find the presence of God in the world of things but how to let Him enter the ways in which we deal with things; how to be with Him in time, not only in space. This is why the mitsvah is a supreme source of religious insight and experience. The way to God is a way of God, and the mitsvah is a way of God,..a mitsvah is where God and man meet.


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