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A Word About Prayer

Just came from the hospital. My son’s father is in CCU and we are praying for him to heal quickly and that God’s strength surround him. We are praying for a complete recovery and that God grant him the courage and calm to face the healing process. We are praying for all of his caretakers – nurses, doctors, attendants, and yes his family treat him with kindness, wisdom, gentleness and dignity. We are praying for a new heart.

Prayer matters. It matters for the one being prayed for. Studies done on patients at both John Hopkins Hospital and Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital show that patients who are prayed for and aware that they are being prayed for even if by strangers do better, heal quicker and leave the hospital sooner! Could it be that the positive energy and love directed toward the patient actually sends out positive and healing properties through the universe? I believe this to be true because I believe the divine and holy universal energy within each human being is the flow of God through us and it is what connects humanity one to the other. When we direct that energy through our loving prayers especially keeping in mind one who is so ill, we help direct the part of God within us to bring that healing and love.

I believe prayer is also for the one who is doing the praying. It helps us who sit on the sidelines without the medical abilities and know how to be able to do something. To offer some hope when it might be in some short supply. I believe the ability to pray for others helps give voice to our own anxieties and worries and concerns and helps us be a part of the plan for wellness for our loved ones.

I believe that prayer is for the rest of the family who is also worried but may not be able to show it because they have to be strong. Our prayers for them count toward deepening the ciricle of concerned and helping them know too that we stand as a loving presence by their side.

Our prayers matter. And my prayer especially tonight is for my son’s father. May God bless you and keep you and heal you.

2 thoughts on “A Word About Prayer”

  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about Mason – my thoughts and prayers are with him and all of your family – he has always been so kind to me all the years I’ve been at Kol Ami – I am so sad to hear this news – agree with you about prayer – ((((((HUGS)))) reva

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