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Actions, Reactions and Subscriptions

Dear Readers,

It has been an amazingly fun journey to share some thoughts with you daily.  As much as I have enjoyed writing, I hope that you have enjoyed reading and that some of my posts have caused you to think, smile, or even be moved to action.

And action is one thing I am asking of you today.  If you like reading my blog regularly, won’t you subscribe?
Just to the right of this column is the opportunity to do just that. All it takes is a quick click.  This way my daily post will be sent right to you.  Without having to take too many extra steps! So action and then reaction. That is what makes it so simple.  

So today-I hope that some of you will regularly subscribe to Walking Humbly, Seeking Justice and Living with Hope. 

Then we can be assured of regular communication.  Me with you and I hope through your comments and posts, you with me!!!  

So lest you leave today without a snippet–here is a quick story about how our actions influence others. 

A jeweler in a small town noticed that every morning a man would stop outside his shop, and set his pocket watch by a clock that was on display in the window.

One day, the jeweler stood in the doorway of his shop when the man walked up, stopped at the window, ad set his watch. He smiled at the jeweler and said, “I’m the timekeeper at the factory down the street. I’m responsible for blowing the noon whistle that tells everyone to break for lunch. Your clock helps me keep the right time.”

The jeweler said, “That’s interesting. I’ve been setting my clock by your noon whistle for the past few years.’

You never know how much your actions influence the actions of the people around you. Even the simple mundane tasks we perform n our daily lives can be of greater significance than we realize. (Bits and Pieces,  February 2010, Ragans Communications).

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