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Almost Done

It’s almost done. The college application process. Oh no not for me. Been there done that! This is for the future MLB player.  I am the DH or designated helper! I have been assisting him in this process. Weeding out schools. Being the listening ears to essay questions and answers. Punctuation guru and even on occasion IT consultant as all applications are now done online. I must say this is  a really different process than I did more than 35 years ago. There are still a few clean up issues that have to be done. Like when we hit send the check for the application fee button instead of online.  Annoying that you can’t change it.  And setting up the email accounts at each school for follow up.  And yes the ever dizzying financial aid forms- OY! I have a  headache already.  But it is almost done.  Only one application to go.  I know we can do it.  I know he can do it.

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